Spirit In Sound Homily

Homily presented at a worship service.

“There’s plenty to worry about on the sound front. The cacophony created by polarizing public discourse is deafening and it’s poisoning the public square. Music itself is now too often a soulless commodity, sold to us in numerous forms, mostly for our entertainment and amusement. ”

“Remember that there is creation at the edge of every breath. Find your breath, connect to it before you make a sound. And then consider: What is the spirit in your sound? What is the spirit in other sounds? In the sounds we make together? What do you want to create with our sound today?”

NOVO Service – Ouroboros

A contemplative worship service and homily created for the NOVO worship series at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis.

“The ouroboros is a symbol of life’s perpetual cycle of life, death, and rebirth. I wear it to remind myself that creation and destruction exist in balance. To remind myself that I must let go of things in order to make room for new growth. I love it so much that I’m actually considering getting it tattooed on my inner arm. I haven’t quite worked up the courage yet.”

Light Is Returning (Lead plus SATB or SSAA)

Song for Worship, Ritual, or Choral Performance

Sheet music download and example audio files available.

This SATB or SSAA chant works well in a Winter Solstice service or ritual.

Suitable for audience/congregational participation.

Words and music by Charlie Murphy, arranged by Pam Blevins HInkle.


Light is returning, even though it is the darkest hour. No one can hold back the dawn.

The Small Difference

Song for Worship or Choral Performance

Example audio files available (sheet music available on another website).

This is a SATB or SSAA arrangement of Robin Riebsomer’s work. The Small Difference touches on several social justice themes, and is a moving and approachable performance piece.

There Is More Love (SATB)

Song for Worship or Performance

Sheet music download and example audio files available.

This is an SATB arrangement of an African American hymn.


“There is more love (peace, joy, etc.) somewhere.
I’m gonna keep on til I find it. There is more love (peace, joy, etc.) somewhere.”

Let the Way (Lead Plus 4-Part Chant)

Song for Worship or Ritual

Sheet music download and example audio files available.

This SATB or SSSA chant was created for a moment of gratitude in a worship service.

Suitable for audience/congregational participation.

Chant by Abigail McBride, arr. Pam and Letha Hinkle


“Sing through my voice, play through my hands.
Let the way be open.”

It’s Time (SATB Choral Piece)

SATB piece for worship or choral performance written to honor Unitarian Universalists around the world.

Sheet music download and video file available.

Chorus Lyric:
That you are loved today just exactly as you are,
So take my hand, let’s play.
Together we’ll go far.
We’ve got a new world to build,
Hungry spirits to be filled,
as we’re loving the hell out of the world.

Gather Us In

Song for Worship or Ritual

Sheet music download available.

This simple chant features four parts and a descant. Great for use as an invocation or call to worship.

Suitable for audience/congregational participation.


Gather us in for a time of peace
Gather us in for a time of joy
Gather us in to the heart of the center
Gather us, gathering us in

Bring It Close: A Response to the Akeda

Song for Worship or Choral Performance

Example audio file and sheet music download available.

“Bring it Close” is my response to the story of the binding of Isaac (the Akeda) and is arranged for women and youth voices.

The piece was created for the inaugural Religion, Spirituality and the Arts Seminar at Butler University/Christian Theological Seminary.