Let Us Go Out (SATB or SSA)

Chant for Worship or Performance

Sheet music download and example audio files available.

A song for sending forth, this SAT(B) or SSA(A) ditty is a gospel-style chant that can be performed acapella or tricked out with fuller instrumentation.


“Let us go out, and light up the dark.
Let us go out, bring joy to each heart.
Let us go out with indifference destroyed.
Let us go out with joy!”

Body Music Retreat

You are your first, best instrument!

Your breath and voice… your hands and fingers,,, your legs and feet… you need nothing more to make incredible and beautiful music.

We’ll stomp, sing, move, and clap in joyous exploration. Come let yourself BE sound. No experiences required.

Music in the Moment – Improv Workshop

Discover your OWN music in this unique workshop that explores music-making as a profound and wildly fun means of self expression. Through simple games and exercises, you’ll discover the sounds and rhythms, and yes–the magic–that is inside of you.

No previous experience in improvisation or music is needed…only the willingness to laugh and let

Lift Every Voice and Sing — Workshop and Worship Service

Lift Every Voice and Sing — Saturday Workshop and Sunday Worship Service

Working in close partnership with your staff, I’ll design a singing experience that increases comfort with singing on Sunday morning. The workshop will be joyous, accessible to all skill levels and most ages, and seek to liberate people to be fully authentic in their singing. Movement and hand-percussion will be incorporated … this will be fun!

Music Improvisation

“There are no “unmusical” people, only those with no musical experience.”
(from the Music For People Bill of Rights)

I offer workshops, one day intensives, and weekend retreats that offer people the chance to explore their own capacity for making and creating music on the spot. Lessons spill over into daily living, because what is life but an improvisation?

NOVO Service – Tree

A contemplative worship service and homily created for the NOVO worship series at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis.

I love trees. I love them in every season, and particularly now in the winter, when we can see their naked supplication. How I marvel at their beauty … the bark smooth… or rough and deeply grooved … the branches uniform and orderly like the yellow wood … or like the sycamore, whose splotched limbs squiggle with random abandon. Since I was very small, trees have been teaching me, guiding me … talking to me. I would spend hours finding, climbing, and sitting in trees on the campus of Franklin College, in Franklin, Indiana.

Why We Sing – A Sermon

A sermon presented in January of 2012 to the Abraham Lincoln Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

“We are one. We are always one when we sing together. There are so few opportunities to sing together these days.”

“And we WANT to rejoice, we WANT and NEED to liberate this wholeness … and whether your sense of that invisible world is dreams and visions or the it’s heart of God , we crave an embodied encounter with it.”

The Universal Translator Homily

Homily presented at a worship service.

A quote by Alice Walker got me thinking…”They don’t come to church to find God,” she says, “they come to church to share God.” But how can we share God, or our ideas of the divine (or lack thereof), if we don’t talk and explore these ideas with each other? How can we find the common ground between us if we don’t articulate this particularity to one another, heart to heart? How can we effectively bridge these four camps of thought and practice when we gather as a whole community for work and worship?

Spirit In Sound Homily

Homily presented at a worship service.

“There’s plenty to worry about on the sound front. The cacophony created by polarizing public discourse is deafening and it’s poisoning the public square. Music itself is now too often a soulless commodity, sold to us in numerous forms, mostly for our entertainment and amusement. ”

“Remember that there is creation at the edge of every breath. Find your breath, connect to it before you make a sound. And then consider: What is the spirit in your sound? What is the spirit in other sounds? In the sounds we make together? What do you want to create with our sound today?”

NOVO Service – Ouroboros

A contemplative worship service and homily created for the NOVO worship series at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis.

“The ouroboros is a symbol of life’s perpetual cycle of life, death, and rebirth. I wear it to remind myself that creation and destruction exist in balance. To remind myself that I must let go of things in order to make room for new growth. I love it so much that I’m actually considering getting it tattooed on my inner arm. I haven’t quite worked up the courage yet.”