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Chalice Lighting for Healing Circle (informed by the Seven Directions)


Ancient Pattern(West) In this time of uncertainty, we light a flame to restore balance and wholeness in our lives, in our relations, and in the world.

(North) In this time, when our vision is clouded, we light a flame to illuminate the wisdom revealed to us through all creation.

(East) In this time, when the darkness of suffering threatens to take hold, we light a flame for the light of love, compassion, and healing.

(South) In this time, when we grip too tightly to what we know, what we want, and what we are, we light a flame for the innocent openness that embraces everything with wonder.

(Sky) In this time, when we imagine constraints rather than possibilities, we light a flame for the winged release of hope and transformation.

(Earth) In this time, when fear and apathy divide us, we light a flame for Mother Earth whose fenceless generosity sustains and nourishes all.

(Great Mystery) In this time of seeking, we light a flame to call upon the Hand of Life to be with us now, to grace this gathering with love, and to make sacred this time together.


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© 2013 by Pam Blevins Hinkle