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Let the Way (Lead Plus 4-Part Chant)

Let the Way4 Part Chant – Lead plus SAT(B) or SSA(A). Suitable for congregational/audience participation. Written for the MUUSA Awesome Choir, Potosi, MO.


Composed by Abigail McBride, this stunningly beautiful chant was arranged for SATB  (with divisi), but can also be performed with just a few voices. It’s fabulous acapella or you can kick up this gospel-style arrangement with drums and keyboard.

My daughter Aletha wrote the upper harmony that begins at measure eight and she helped give birth to this arrangement by singing it with me a zillion times.   Let the Way




“Sing through my voice, play through my hands.

Let the way be open.”

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Lyrics © by Abigail McBride.

Sound recording © 2014 by Pam Blevins Hinkle

vocals – Pam Blevins Hinkle, Le Isaac Weaver
recording – Le Isaac Weaver