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Music Improvisation


Improv Workshop with Pam Blevins Hinkle - Fall 2013

Improv Workshop with Pam Blevins Hinkle – Fall 2013

“There are no ‘unmusical’ people, only those with no musical experience.”

(from the Music For People Bill of Rights)


Improvisation finds its way into much of my music-making. From improvising in worship in response to a prayer to playing in THIN AIR, an all-improv band, or teaching collaboration with boomwhackers, improvising with sound is magical, playful, holy, and much more!

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Improvisation Tips (from Music For People)

  • Be a powerful soloist when you find yourself in that role
  • Be ready to provide a rhythmic groove for others
  • Use solo/drone and solo/ostinato when appropriate
  • Offer your silence when you don’t have a musical idea to give
  • Give attention to quality of what you are offering more than the quantity
  • Close your eyes some of the time, but not all the time
  • Make eye contact at key times and smile at your partners
  • Give soft instruments and voices room to be heard
  • Get physically close to anyone who has difficulty listening or hearing
  • Be aware when someone is soloing – imagine yourself as the ocean keeping the soloist afloat
  • Remember that imitation is one of the most powerful tools for a satisfying musical experience
  • Be responsive to the natural ending point of your improvisation