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Music in the Moment – Improv Workshop


Music in the MomentDiscover your OWN music in this unique workshop that explores music-making as a profound and wildly fun means of self expression.

Through simple games and exercises, you’ll discover the sounds and rhythms, and yes–the magic–that is inside of you. No previous experience in improvisation or music is needed…only the willingness to laugh and let go.

This workshop is presented in various formats — two-hour session, half-day, or multi week.  I frequently work in partnership with other improvisation facilitators including:

Rhythm/Percussion: Dr. Sally Childs-Helton, ethnomusicologist and percussionist, is a certified Music For People facilitator and has been teaching improvisation for over 10 years. She also accompanies local performing groups and has her own band, Wild Mercy.

Movement: Nina Ryan is a dancer and choreographer. She has danced with Susurrus, Motus Dance and other local companies. She teaches authentic movement and is a skilled facilitator of creative movement.

Sample outline from a 14-week class offered at the Indiana Women’s Prison:

Week 1: Getting Started: Learning games and basic techniques for improvisation
Week 2: Vocal Games: Fun with Styles and Forms
Week 3: More Vocal Games: Trios, Duets, Solos
Week 4: Yes, Let’s!: Theatre Improv with Lynn Perkins Socey
Week 5: More Vocal Improv: Using Words, Free Improvisation
Week 6: Get Your Groove! Rhythm with Sally Childs-Helton
Week 7: Rhythm and Voice: Integrating rhythm and voice
Week 8: Found Sound: Making music with everyday objects and body/mouth percussion with Pam and Sally
Week 9: More Vocal Improv
Week 10: Body Works: Movement with Nina Ryan
Week 11: Body & Voice: Integrating sound and movement
Week 12: Free Improv
Week 13: Free Improv
Week 14: Wrap-Up Discussion and Improv Free for All!

Contact me for information about participating in the next Music in the Moment workshop series.