I’m a Gonna Walk – SAT(B) or SSA(A)

Song for Performance or Worship

Sheet music download and example audio files available.

This is a 3 or 4 part short ritual song about walking in the wilderness, scored for SAT(B) or SSA(A).

Suitable for congregational or audience participation.


I’m a-gonna walk into the unknown.
I’m a-gonna walk, but I’m not alone.
I’m a-gonna walk, put my faith to the test.
I’m a-gonna walk in the wilderness.

WHY WE SING — Workshop and Worship Service

The Why We Sing Retreat is designed to bring a new enthusiasm to your church choir.

I will come to your church and present a two day experience of singing and learning culminating in a special worship service sure to delight you congregation.

On Saturday, I will work with your choir to not only enhance technical skills and technique, but also to bring a new understanding of what music means in the context of the life of the church. The program is experiential. People will not sit in their chairs and listen! On Sunday, I will work with your worship team to create and present an exciting worship service incorporating the work your choir accomplished on Saturday.

Echoing Forth (4-part canon)

Song for Performance or Worship

Sheet music download and example audio files available.

“Echoing Forth” is a 4-part round (with optional descant) written for a Day of the Dead service at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Indianapolis. Download sheet music or listen to a piano recording of the chant.


Here in my heart you are still with me.
Here in my mind you will always be.
What you have said and done and been,
Echoing forth to live again.

Other Workshops and Retreats

The workshops listed are just a few of the presentations I can tailor to fit your church or organizations individual needs. Chanting, musical improvisation, choral festivals, special worship or ritual experiences, there’s a lot I can offer.

I can present alone, bring along a great group of professionals to help me facilitate, or work with your team.

Please contact me to share information about your vision. I can’t wait to see what we can create together!