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WHY WE SING – Saturday Workshop and Sunday Worship Service


Sing InWhy We Sing is designed to bring a new enthusiasm for singing to your congregation and choir.

Working in close partnership with your staff, I’ll design a two-day experience of singing and learning that culminates in a special worship service sure to delight your congregation.

On Saturday, I will work with your choir to not only enhance technical skills and technique, but also to bring a new understanding of what music means in the context of the life of the congregation. The program is experiential.  People will not sit in their chairs and listen!  This program is about embodying the music and getting choir members to understand and experience their role as leader of the congregational song.

The Sunday worship service brings these elements together to create a rousing and celebratory experience.

Goals and Strategies of the Sing In Weekend

1. Increase the choir’s technical skills and sense of joy/camaraderie

a. Ensemble skills including entrainment, listening, and blending
b. Choral technique including breath, vowel formation, articulation, etc.
c. Learning activities that engage the body to reinforce musicality and that build relationships and ensemble.

2. Increase congregational comfort with singing.

a. Introduce group chants, new and familiar.
b. Incorporate simple sung congregational responses in the service
c. A sermon on the value of group singing (Title: Why We Sing)

3. Increase congregational interest in choir membership.

a. Select variety of songs that create a “win” and convey both joy and excellence.
b. Create a participatory service that focuses on the “choir of the whole.”


Contact Pam for booking information.