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Speaking, Composing, Performing, Directing, and More

I’m available to speak, teach, compose, perform, and design/direct public programs and worship services. Check out upcoming events, browse my portfolio to see what I’ve been up to and find my music, and see what others are saying about my work.


Workshops / Retreats

I offer workshops and retreats for choirs, congregations, community groups, and the general public for all skill levels. Topics include chant from various religious and cultural traditions, body percussion, music improvisation (great for team-building), song-leading, and more. I often partner with other professionals in movement/dance, ethnomusicology, visual art, and more. See upcoming events or contact me to discuss a session for your business, organization, or congregation.


I work largely with simple, repetitive song structures (such as chants and rounds) that build singing confidence, allow for musical flexibility, and build both energy and community. Because these forms have tremendous power to entrain groups, transform consciousness, and effect cathartic release, each score offers suggestions for performance and engaging audiences deeply. Most pieces work for both sacred and secular purposes. See my portfolio for a current list of works, all available for free. Contact me, let me know who you are, what organization you are with, how you plan to use the music, and anything else you want to share. I also happily accept commissions.

Writing / Speaking

Drawing from 30 years of experience in nonprofit management and over 20 years as a choral conductor, I’m available to speak on a wide range of topics from creativity and music improvisation to program design/evaluation and effective collaboration. I’ve presented for congregations, neighborhood associations, women’s groups, professional associations and conferences, and more. Contact me for more information and see my writing here.


Projects / Ensembles

I perform with THIN AIR, a five-member ensemble of classically-trained instrumentalists (who also sing) that presents completely improvised performances. Our primary instruments are flute, clarinet, cello, violin, and percussion, but we play dozens more including ukulele, accordion, Bundt pan, kazoo, boomwhackers, and the occasional bell pepper.  I play the flute (transverse and Native American), hang drum, shruti box (a drone instrument), and whatever is nearby that might sound cool. Our performances frequently include audience participation because we believe all things and all people are musical. We are serious, seriously fun, and family friendly. See upcoming events or contact Dianna Davis at dianna.davis [at] gmail [dot] com to book.

Thin Air on stage at TEDx Indianapolis - Photo SolarFlarePhoto.com

A Winter Solstice Singing RitualUpcoming Events

I design public events that deeply engage audiences on multiple levels, from humanities programs and performances, to solstice ceremonies and Sunday services. Many occupy that complex and nuanced boundary between performance and worship … my favorite place to create. I’ve partnered with dancers and yoga teachers, ministers and rabbis, storytellers and historians, actors and drummers, among others, to mount events that explore unexpected combinations and spaces. See upcoming events or contact me if you’d like to partner on an event. Also check out the Spirit & Place Festival, a cool Indianapolis project that I manage which brings the arts, humanities, and religion to spark fresh ideas and collective action for the common good.