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Collaborative experimentation, deeper learning, expanded understanding…

I offer workshops and retreats for choirs, faith-based and community groups, and the general public for all skill levels. Topics include chant from various faith and cultural traditions, body percussion, music improvisation (great for team-building), song-leading, and more. I often partner with other professionals in movement/dance, ethnomusicology, visual art, and more. See upcoming events or contact me to discuss a session for your business, organization, or congregation.

Body Music Retreat

You are your first, best instrument!

Your breath and voice… your hands and fingers,,, your legs and feet… you need nothing more to make incredible and beautiful music.

We’ll stomp, sing, move, and clap in joyous exploration. Come let yourself BE sound. No experiences required.


Music in the Moment – Improv Workshop

Discover your OWN music in this unique workshop that explores music-making as a profound and wildly fun means of self expression. Through simple games and exercises, you’ll discover the sounds and rhythms, and yes–the magic–that is inside of you.

No previous experience in improvisation or music is needed…only the willingness to laugh and let


Lift Every Voice and Sing — Workshop and Worship Service

Lift Every Voice and Sing — Saturday Workshop and Sunday Worship Service

Working in close partnership with your staff, I’ll design a singing experience that increases comfort with singing on Sunday morning. The workshop will be joyous, accessible to all skill levels and most ages, and seek to liberate people to be fully authentic in their singing. Movement and hand-percussion will be incorporated … this will be fun!


Music Improvisation

“There are no “unmusical” people, only those with no musical experience.”
(from the Music For People Bill of Rights)

I offer workshops, one day intensives, and weekend retreats that offer people the chance to explore their own capacity for making and creating music on the spot. Lessons spill over into daily living, because what is life but an improvisation?


WHY WE SING — Workshop and Worship Service

The Why We Sing Retreat is designed to bring a new enthusiasm to your church choir.

I will come to your church and present a two day experience of singing and learning culminating in a special worship service sure to delight you congregation.

On Saturday, I will work with your choir to not only enhance technical skills and technique, but also to bring a new understanding of what music means in the context of the life of the church. The program is experiential. People will not sit in their chairs and listen! On Sunday, I will work with your worship team to create and present an exciting worship service incorporating the work your choir accomplished on Saturday.


Other Workshops and Retreats

The workshops listed are just a few of the presentations I can tailor to fit your church or organizations individual needs. Chanting, musical improvisation, choral festivals, special worship or ritual experiences, there’s a lot I can offer.

I can present alone, bring along a great group of professionals to help me facilitate, or work with your team.

Please contact me to share information about your vision. I can’t wait to see what we can create together!