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Pam Blevins Hinkle with IWC

Pam Blevins Hinkle with Indianapolis Women’s Chorus

From workshop participants: 

  • … fun beyond reason. I thought the weekend evolutionary in a way…taking us to places we might not have ventured and helping us find the “sweet spot.”
  • I want to thank Pam. Her presentation was very inspirational and interactive. Teamwork is a big focus in the Kelley School of Business, and I thought her Sound Collaboration seminar was a wonderful way to emphasize collaboration. (Read what other students said: Kelley School of Business Honors Student Responses)
  • Wonderful opportunity to open creatively, through song and listening, harmony and rhythm, challenge and courage. Loving the free form creation around Pam’s ideas that there is music everywhere and we are all part of that choir.
  • Where to start? The weekend was transformational! I got out of my comfort zone, had a fabulous time, learned a lot & made new friends & strengthened old friendships.
  • Absolute permission to just be yourself. Extreme laughter!
  • All the encouragement and support and belief in my abilities by the leaders and also the participants, but especially Pam. I had SO much fun! There was lots of laughter and I felt very much accepted by all.

From choir members: 

  • Pam is unmatched in creating enthusiasm and joy in her singers! That plus commitment to impeccable performance – a winning combination!
  • Singing for Pam gives one a bit of a sense of what it must be like for the violin to be played by the violinist.
  • Pam is one of the best, if not THE best, conductor I have ever sung under. Her understanding of the music, ability to convey that understanding to the chorus, the way she challenges singers to make their own interpretations are outstanding. She’s great!
  • Pam is strong, sensitive, not easily fooled, has great vision and organization, and brought IWC [Indianapolis Women’s Chorus] to a level of professionalism and caring few choruses enjoy.
  • Pam is the most talented director I have ever had the pleasure of singing for. She has such amazing vision and passion, two very important characteristics of a great leader!

From colleagues: 

  • Pam is an absolute joy to work with as a professional church colleague.  She is creative, fun, aware, and thoughtful in her work.  She is everything I have ever hoped for in a music director, and I would work with her again on almost anything!  Rev. Keith Kron, Unitarian Universalist minister, past theme speaker Midwest UU Summer Assembly
  • If I had a compelling, complicated, and deliciously enticing new idea that I wanted to engage the people in my church or the larger community, where would I turn? To Pam Blevins Hinkle, of course, because she has the boundless creativity and intelligence to bring such an idea to life, make it take wing, and have it deepen people’s lives and bring them joy. How do I know this? Because I’ve watched her work her magic on some of my ideas and on some of her own as well. ~ Rev. Barbara Child
  • Pam Blevins Hinkle has a gift for working with singers of all ages and skill levels.  She inspires people to put their hearts and souls into the music, and they find themselves transformed. ~ Rev. Suzelle Lynch